Reduce Your Pet’s Carbon Pawprint While Traveling

Reduce Your Pet’s Carbon Pawprint While Traveling

It’s a great year to embark on a new journey with your furry friend! We understand how badly you want to take your cat along for a vacation. We won’t lie; it takes a lot of preparation and planning to ensure a safe and sustainable trip. But once you acclimate your cat to traveling, they will be your favorite jet-setting companion. Below are a few tips to ensure a great trip for you and your cat: 

Pack The Essentials  

First of all, bring your cat's medical documents, including vaccination certificates, recent lab work, rabies vaccination tags, any necessary medications, food, bedding, litter, litter box, dishes, grooming supplies, and favorite toys. Vets recommend a pet carrier large enough for your cat to stand in and move around in. Before your trip, leave it slightly open and let them get used to going inside. Additionally, we recommend using a cat harness during travel. A good cat harness will be tight enough to secure your cat but not so tight that it’s uncomfortable for them to move in. 

Environmentally Friendly Pet Products  

Have you considered the environmental impacts of traveling with your pet? There are many ways to decrease your waste during the trip. Some examples of eco-friendly pet products include compostable poop bags, sustainable toys, food bowls, and cat kibble.  

One of the biggest challenges of traveling with your cat is potty time. Consider getting a travel litter box to provide a simple way for your cat to potty on the go. Scent Away’s Cat Litter Deodorizer is an all-natural, non-toxic, travel-friendly product that works to eliminate unwanted litter box odors on the go. Scent Away’s fragrance-free formula contains organic active carbon and zeolite. Zeolite quickly absorbs moisture while a powerful active carbon removes odors. 


When you notice an increase in litter odor, thoroughly scoop and mix before adding the deodorizer. Don't forget a litter scooper and compostable poop plastic bags for quick litter disposal during your travels! 

Make an Impact  

Feeding American pets has resulted in the release of 64 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year. You can help reduce our impact by switching to eco-friendly products. Notably, technological advancements like the green energy process are crucial tools for fighting climate change. Scent Away is made from this green energy process that converts carbon dioxide into clean, renewable energy, producing active carbon. Reach your goals to practice sustainability and reverse climate change with Scent Away products! 

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