New Year’s Resolution? Make Your Home Smell Amazing by Doing these Easy Remedies!

New Year’s Resolution? Make Your Home Smell Amazing by Doing these Easy Remedies!

By Alyssa Rinetti 

Home/apartment and pet owners vow to give themselves and their pets the absolute best care when it comes to their food, medical, and overall comfort! Although did you make a new year's resolution to make sure that your home, in particular, smells immaculate when your guests visit your place in '22?  

However, let's take a step back because when it comes to buying products for you and your pets, it doesn't matter how much money you are spending, especially if you know the product will work. That said, if your money is being spent on all-natural and safe products that eliminate pet odor from your home, then that is okay. Some people do not put a price on their love for their animals and one’s materialistic things. Why? Because you, your home, and your pet are priceless.  

Are there alternative outlets that will help make your home smell good or get rid of bad odor? There certainly is, but you probably did not think to look. However, if you have done your research, then you may have come to find that one way to get rid of your pet’s odor is by using Scent Away! Scent Away offers products that are odor-absorbent and all-natural.  

On that note, if you are looking for other ways to actually stick to your new year's resolution this year to help eliminate odors from your home, then read on for suggestions on how you can follow through with your goal. 

  • Invest in Pet-Specific Cleaning Tools: The annoyance that comes with your animal’s pet hair being everywhere…it’s almost never-ending! The easy fix to this would be to invest in a hand-held vacuum to keep on top of cleaning up your pet’s hair regularly. Or, investing in a Swiffer and buying the pet heavy-duty pads to go along with it is also another great suggestion! 
  • Your Animal’s Breath Reeks: We all know the embarrassment from when your pet goes to give affection to a random person, to realize that your pet’s breath is not the best! You can give your pet fresh breath from here on out by simply toothbrushing. If toothbrushing isn’t realistic for your daily lifestyle, then your vet or your independent pet supplier, like Chewy, may have some recommendations! 
  • Your Smaller Animal’s Cage Smells: That putrid smell that you may take a whiff of in the morning when you go to make your morning coffee may be from your parrot or hamster’s cage if you own one! How to get rid of this? Place an ozone-free air purifier in the room near your pet’s cage. This smaller product is super quiet and has a three-stage infiltration system to reduce odors such as pet dander, amongst other smells. If you want to opt for a different method, then purchase Scent Away’s Small Animal Deodorizer. Sprinkle granules of this product onto the areas of the cage where your hamster(s) like to defecate. 
  • Your Pet’s Bedding Smells Horrific: The stench of your animals’ bodily waste once you walk through the door of your home is unbearable. If you have a cat, for instance, their litter box constantly reeks every few days, and now it is affecting your whole home’s smell constantly. How to get rid of that smell is easier than you think, with the help of Scent Away’s Cat Litter Deodorizer. Sprinkle some of the deodorizer on your cat’s cat litter, and you will see/experience your cat’s waste stench disappear with the absorption of it from the active carbon and zeolite in the Scent Away Deodorizer!  


No matter what type of pet or home you have (aged or brand new), there are multiple ways to achieve a great smelling home, should your pet be the main culprit of the bad smell. All in all, hope you found these tips helpful, and just maybe, you will fulfill your new year's resolution in 2022! 


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