• Powerful, all natural Cat Litter Deodorizer to help eliminate odor

    • Made with 100% natural ingredients
    • Fragrance free
    • Safe for pets and family

Scent Away Cat Litter Deodorizer

Scent Away Cat Litter Deodorizer is a powerful, all-natural, odor absorbing blend of zeolite and active carbon that captures and helps to eliminate litter box odors at the source.

What makes Scent Away so great?
✓ Helps remove odors quickly
✓ 100% natural ingredients
✓ Non-toxic and fragrance free
✓ Safe for pets and family
✓ Can be used with any litter type
✓ Helps to extend litter life

Available as Single Bottle or get 20% off with the 3 Pack Bundle

Safe for Pets, Home & Environment

Scent Away Cat Litter Deodorizer is made of Natural Zeolite & Active Carbon. Our active carbon is biochar produced through the generation of clean energy, using renewable agriculture waste. Natural Zeolite is a common cat litter ingredient and is a safe, all-natural mineral. Scent Away is a precise blend of these two ingredients, designed to maximize odor elimination. In tests, Scent Away’s Active Carbon provided up to a 10x increase in odor elimination compared to zeolite alone.

How to Use:

Sprinkle a thin layer of Scent Away over top of a fresh box of litter.
To extend freshness between box cleanings, reapply over affected areas after scooping out soiled litter.

Vet Tested & Approved

Scent Away Litter Deodorizer Was Great!

The Scent Away litter deodorizer was great! It reduced odors without adding a perfume smell or deterring my cats from using the litter box. It made the litter box smell nicer in between cleanings. Thanks!

Samantha Williams

Your Nose Will Thank You

Goodbye smelly litterbox! Thanks to Scent Away, annoying litter box odors are a thing of the past. I used to avoid the litter box area, but now I don’t notice any lingering smells at all. My cats are enjoying it as well. This product works better than I could have ever imagined. Buy this product - your nose will thank you. 

Gabriel Hatem

Yucky Odors Are No More!

My kitties make their “little brown bears” in a litter box located in a vacant closet. I thought a semi-enclosed space for the litter box would reduce odors, but I was wrong! The smell was rancid, so I would burn candles all the time. Then I tried Scent Away, and those yucky odors are no more! The cats even seem more delighted, now that the smell is gone. Great Product! 

Jen Saunders

It Took the Smell Away!

Wow!  I use an automatic cleaning litter box and it wasn't time to change the litter yet when I got this product, so I tried this stuff on litter that was already a bit smelly and it TOOK THE SMELL AWAY.  Then I used it in a fresh box of litter...4 weeks later and still no stench.  I can hardly believe it myself, but this stuff is a game changer.  It doesn't track at all and is easy to use, blending right in with the kitty litter.  What a find!

Ashley - Student

Forgot My Litter Box Was Even There!

I honestly forgot my litter box was even there! No smells drifting throughout the house, not even around the box. I will definitely continue to use Scent Away, just need to set my own reminder to clean the box from now on!

Sammie Andrus