Scent Away Horse Stall Deodorizer

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Scent Away Horse Stall Deodorizer is a fragrance-free bedding deodorizer that naturally helps eliminate animal waste odors, improves moisture control, and extends bedding life. Scent Away Horse Stall Deodorizer is 100% active carbon blended with all-natural zeolite.

What makes Scent Away so great?

✓ Helps remove odors quickly
✓ Adds moisture control
✓ 100% natural ingredients
✓ Non-toxic and fragrance free
✓ Safe for animals
✓ Helps to extend bedding life

Size and Weight:

5 Gallon Bucket (25 lbs.) 

Instructions for Use:

COMPLETE STALL CLEAN-OUT(12'x12’) - Sprinkle 10-12 cups of Scent Away over the top of stall bedding, concentrating in areas where moisture is anticipated most.

SPOT TREATMENT & DAILY MAINTENANCE - After removing waste and wet bedding, replace dry bedding and sprinkle 3-5 cups of Scent Away over the top of the affected moist areas.

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