Scent Away Small Animal Bedding

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Scent Away Small Animal Bedding is a fragrance-free bedding deodorizer that naturally helps eliminate small animal waste odors, improves litter moisture-holding capacity, and extends bedding life. Scent Away Small Animal Bedding is 100% active carbon blended with all-natural zeolite for distinctive odor and small pet habitats' moisture control. Scent Away works with all types of bedding and liners.

What makes Scent Away so great?

✓ Helps remove odors quickly
✓ 100% natural ingredients
✓ Non-toxic and fragrance free
✓ Safe for pets and family
✓ Can be used with any habitat type
✓ Helps to extend bedding life

Size and Weight:

(3 qt. / approximately 4 lbs.) 

Instructions for Use:

One Scent Away Small Animal Bedding bag is enough for 2-3 complete habitat cleanouts assuming the habitat area size is approximately 36" x 24". After laying down standard habitat bedding, sprinkle about 4 cups evenly over the top. In between cleanouts, we recommend you lightly spread Scent Away over moist or soiled areas of bedding to help trap odors and absorb moisture.


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