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To manage your existing product subscription:

In order to manage your Scent Away product subscription, you must first login to your account.


How to Start a Scent Away Product Subscription:

When viewing the product you intend to purchase, you are presented with two options, "One-Time Purchase" and "Subscribe and Save". Select the Subscribe and Save option as shown in the image below and then click on the "add to cart button".

Select Product Subscription option

This will automatically enroll you in a monthly product subscription upon checkout. Whenever you sign up for a monthly product subscription, you will receive the displayed price discount at checkout and on all future automatically fulfill orders. 

In the image above, the subscription will give you a 10% saving. Under "Delivery Frequency" it shows "Monthly" and the discounted price of $8.09 which is 10% off the normal $8.99 price for one bottle. Some products like the 3-Pack have 20% discounted pricing as a bundle. When you subscribe to buying a 3-pack, the 20% discounted price is already figured into the product's price so you will not get an additional discount for subscribing but you will get the product's  discounted price on all automatically fulfilled future orders. 

You must setup a user account at checkout so that you can access and manage your product subscription.

If for any reason you are unable to access your account to manage your subscription, you can contact to request help. 



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